On what I’m doing here

Dear all!

(not that anyone is actually reading this)

I feel the need to explain myself or more so to explain what I’m doing here – online, writing.

This blog will not only be a way to share beautiful pictures and pseudo-intellectual thoughts with you, but mainly it is meant to be a „companion“ on my way to freedom – becoming a freelance editor that is. I will need this new „friend“, this modern (and very unprivate) form of a diary, because the transition I’m about to experience is going to be rough. Money will be tight, time will always be too short and fighting for new clients won’t be as much fun as movies about self-made business-people and marketing professionals might have given you the impression. But I’m excited and I feel ready to prepare myself for the time when I won’t depend on conservative working hours any more. Also: If I have to continue living on a low income, at least I want to do it on my own terms.

So the main purpose of this blog is to accompany me and to document my steps into self-employment.

The plan is to work independently come March 2016.

Seven months to get ready.

It’s on!

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